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The essential list for setting up a preschool

Thinking about setting up a preschool? Well, congratulations on your new business venture! Starting a new business is an exciting time that will test all your skills. When you’re setting up a preschool, there’s some steps you must go through before you can open your doors. Have you checked any of these off the list?


  • Finding a space: Daycare centres don’t have to be large, depending on your business goals. But you need a room (or a few) for the children to play, staff rooms, parking space, an outdoor area, and storage. Don’t rush this step; find a building that’s in a ‘family friendly’ area, with available street parking, and nearby amenities like public transport.


  • Checking qualifications: Parents trust day care centre staff to care for their children. When you’re setting up the preschool, interview candidates that are in training for their child care certificate or already have it. Trainee childcare workers do work placements as part of their study. Also check that staff have a Blue Card and first aid certification.


  • Organise your furnishings: This includes the shade of paint from the walls to the shelves and tables. Daycares can’t operate without daycare furniture! The children need toys to play with, beds to sleep on, and lots of other equipment. Outdoor entertainment is just as important, too. Invest in cubby houses and roleplay sets.


  • Get your accounts in order: Before you hire staff or buy childcare furniture, meet with your accountant and hire a bookkeeper. It’s not the fun part, but you must be on top of loans, your mortgage, and a payroll system for staff.


  • Buy some insurance: A little money for peace of mind! Contents and building insurance, as well as liability, are recommended.


  • Spreading the word: Part of setting up a preschool is spreading the word that you exist. Create a website, get on Facebook, and put paper advertisements in the local news and noticeboards.


  • Plan a welcome party: Or plan any event to create hype about your new preschool. Barbecues, open days, fetes, and the like are commonly held in schools and it’s a great way to introduce your business. Events like this allow children to meet  their new playmates and parents have the chance to mingle.

Five common pieces of preschool equipment in Australia

Preschool equipment in Australia is unique. Preschools in Australia are unique, full stop. No two school systems anywhere in the world will use the same curriculum, but they all aim to provide a safe environment for children to learn and play.

Building blocks

Put these in the hands of children and they’ll build the world! Or, at least, the one in their imagination. Building blocks provide children chances to learn vocabulary around shapes and textures. They’ll also use critical thinking and analytical skills to put them together, making something that resembles objects seen in real life.  

Tables and chairs

What is any living area without a place to sit? A place to work?

Tables and chairs are preschool equipment that our customers can’t do without. Kinder stocks lots of different sizes and designs. Mini, large, round, or square, there’s something for every taste and budget. We even have height-adjustable seats available.

Kinder Design also has a customisation  option for customers needing something special. It’s better when preschool equipment matches the colour scheme and overall feel of the centre. We provide a theme matching service at no extra cost, so centre owners can have everything coordinated.

Paint and chalk

Kids are creative, everyone is. It’s an innate part of our nature. But sometimes creativity comes at the cost of mess. LOTS of it. Who else remembers making flower potions and mud pies in the backyard?

Daycares and kindies will have plenty of chalk and non-toxic paint, ready to use. Children sketching masterpieces on the outdoor concrete or a blackboard easel are a common sight. They’re readily available and easy to clean.


Kinder Design makes all sorts of storage items. Large, small, single boxes, and containers. Our storage units can even come in the shape of a castle if you want it! It’s one type of preschool equipment you’ll find everywhere, no matter what country you visit.

Storage units are, of course, made to put things away, but there’s plenty of other uses for them. Children and staff use them as display racks for crafts and awards, for one. Having a shelf unit in castle form, or even as a train, adds to the character of the centre and even provide another area for children to play.

Outdoor fun

Some kindergartens, preschools, and daycare centres give children time to play outside. Nature Play Queensland is an association that encourages outdoor, play-based learning so children spend more time outdoors.

In centres like this, you’ll find all the above preschool equipment, but there’s a lot of items donated from families, past and present. Tea sets, pipes made into tunnels, and toy trucks are just some of the items that get passed on.

Outdoor play areas like cubby houses and roleplay sets are so popular  teachers often have to regulate times for the children to use them. Kinder has these in stock for kids to unleash their inner MasterChef or mechanic.

No two countries have the same centre or curriculum when it comes to childcare. There is, on the other hand, similar preschool equipment. Creating a place to sit, a place to play, and even a place to sleep isn’t easy without one of the above five.