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Flexible Seating is the New Classroom Trend

A flexible seating arrangement makes you feel more comfortable which in turn, makes you happier. It is in trends today because of its benefits such as the layout of the classroom which makes a drastic affect on learning, it boosts happiness, a relaxed atmosphere to study, etc.

Childcare furniture should be chosen very wisely. It serves as an important asset for the years to come. Studies have shown that the design of a classroom decides how the children will engage and stay focused on learning activities.

There are many different options available in preschool furniture for children to choose from. If they can choose themselves, they feel independent to move around and choose a seat according to their needs. If you really care about your students and want them to stay motivated throughout their learning, then flexible childcare furniture is probably one amongst the best possible ways to choose from. There can be many benefits like:

1. Comfort:

The biggest advantage associated with flexible daycare furniture is the comfort that comes along with it. Students are free to move, share their supplies, sit where they want to sit, and all these things make them happy and comfortable. A student who is calm, happy, and comfortable will never get silly or unmotivated towards instructions.

2. Collaboration:

A flexible seating arrangement allows students to share space. It gives them the freedom of choosing their group, and people with whom they want to associate with. They can share their space with students with whom they feel comfortable. Flexible daycare furniture allows them to communicate and collaborate as a whole class.

3. Improvement in Student’s Behaviour:

A student who feels happy about learning doesn’t talk back. They are much more likely to be productive and make efforts towards learning rather than saying bad things about the learning system or teachers. Their behavior tends to improve and they feel happier and relaxed while learning!

4. Physical Benefits:

In traditional kindergarten furniture, students feel tiring and exhausted after sitting for long hours. If you are sitting at one place for a long time, it will have an adverse effect on your health and body. It can be very bad for your body and posture. In a flexible kindergarten furniture arrangement, standing desks are used frequently which can help them work while they stand comfortably.


These were some of the benefits due to which flexible preschool furniture is trending. There are many different options available like standing desks, couches, mats, bean bags, stools, exercise balls, and a lot more. Designing a classroom should be a priority above anything else. One should do proper research on all of these options and choose according to the age and height of the students.

The furniture chosen should be just right and match with the characteristics of students so that they feel comfortable. A classroom isn’t just for the teacher, it is for everyone.

The Importance of Daycare Furniture

In the preschool environment, it is really important to set up preschool equipment for children. This furniture plays a great role to attract children attention and to make them eager to learn more. Daycare Furniture is really essential for any preschool centre. Children will feel more independent and comfortable if they get to see colorful, decorated and attractive furniture. Obviously, this is a good reason to go for a perfect setup in preschool.

Important Points to Consider

There is much importance of daycare furniture for small children. Here is a glimpse of it:

  • Promotes Growth:

Giving children proper preschool equipment and making them learn discipline to sit, pose, act and behave with those will eventually promote children growth. They will be learning manners with the furniture.

  • Gives Space to Interact:

Childcare furniture helps children to interact with it. Basically, it gives them the freedom to study and understand shapes, sizes, and colors. This helps for mental growth.

  • Suitability of Daycare Furniture:

Understanding and realizing each object is truly needed for small children. Suitable kindergarten furniture can help the children to realize its applications in a proper way and it is needed in preschool.

  • Encouragement to Learn:

Daycare furniture is generally colorful and made with plastic materials. Colorful objects attract children and encourage them to learn. This actually develops the skills of each child with a continuous learning attitude.

These sets of importance are crucial for preschool.


Children are curious and innocent creatures. They will learn according to they start to see and understand from early childhood. That’s why it is essential to make them sincere about behaviors, manners, interactions etc. in the early period of time. Preschool does actually help to grow these characteristics well and daycare furniture is one of the preliminary teachers of every child. Perfect child care supplies are the keys to create their characteristics in a correct way. So, it actually has importance in children’s life.

What’s deductible? Daycare furniture, desks and more

Daycare furniture, fixtures in your building (if you own it), and other expenses are someway tax deductible. You can claim a certain amount back annually and reinvest it in your business. We list some of the items below.


Daycare furniture

This is slightly difficult to claim. The 2017-18 Federal Budget made changes to depreciation law. Unless installed by the owner, items in the plant and equipment category aren’t claimable. This includes beds, lounges, and other furniture items. But if you’re the owner of the daycare business and did buy the furniture yourself then you don’t have a problem. Getting a depreciation report done will help you with claiming the deductions properly.

Playground equipment

This is slightly different from the daycare furniture. Items like these aren’t easily removable because they’re fixed to the ground. They’re considered capital works as a result. Therefore you can claim them more easily in a depreciation report.

Educational materials

Puzzles, books, CDs, and other materials used as educational tools are totally deductible. If it costs less than $300 then you can claim it immediately.


Yes, really. Save those receipts! So long as the things you buy are used to feed the kids during the day. Keep the receipts and proof of the math you used to calculate the final number amount.


In the early childhood education sector,  teachers and carers undergo numerous training seminars. But educational costs, like course fees and textbooks, are totally tax deductible.

Office supplies

This explains itself but still good to know. Office supplies like paper, markers, the ink for the photocopier, and even your desk accessories are claimable.

setting up a daycare
The office supplies can be claimed on tax


There’s a more comprehensive list on what you can claim here. But know that most aspects of your childcare business, from the daycare furniture to the packs of markers you buy in bulk are, to an extent, deductible.

Get more tips in these articles

Daycare furniture building safe environments

Kinder Design delivers nothing but quality daycare furniture. A safe environment isn’t only about protecting emotions or mental health. When you hear the word ‘safe environment’ one of the largest factors will be physical safety.

Kinder Design’s daycare furniture passes a battery of tests before it even goes on sale. From design to production, everything is monitored so we can assure customers we’re up to standard. The biggest name in quality assurance is TUV Rheinland, and you’ll find their logo on everything that’s undergone a quality assurance test.

TUV is the name to know for safety certification and training. The company inspects products, companies, and their internal systems and procedures to make sure everything’s ‘running smoothly’. Company boards have turned to them for neutral, third party inspections since their inception in Europe, where TUV started out inspecting boilers. The company came to Australian shores in 2007, setting up shop in Melbourne.

Our daycare furniture goes through mechanical, chemical, and material inspection before getting the stamp of approval. This gives Kinder customers peace of mind. The products they buy won’t break or cause any reaction on sensitive skin because of chemical washing.

Kinder Design does things differently compared to other daycare furniture manufacturers. Unlike some providers, we have a three year warranty period. This is three times more than that of our competitors. We also offer package deals, a seven day money back guarantee, and the option to get something themed. We know that centre owners are conscious about the image of their business, and we will  match their colour scheme at no extra cost.

A child has the right to play in a safe environment, and their parents should leave the centre knowing they’re in capable hands. This is why the Kinder team does its best to meet safety standards and provide quality products, tested and true.

Daycare furniture that children use everyday

You’ll find “essential” daycare furniture like tables and chairs in every centre you visit. There’s also areas for the children to play and rest. Other pieces of furniture mightn’t seem so important but they’re definitely something the children will play with and use constructively every day.

Easels can come with whiteboard backing, magnetic backing or just as a wood frame with space to hold a canvas. Children use these to make works of art that get hung around the classroom or taken home to show off to parents.

It’s healthy for kids to have a traditional creative outlet; they enjoy music, drama and active play. Normally they draw at a desk. But as a fun change getting some easels, a few paint pallets and lots of brushes encourages them to unleash their inner Picasso.

Building blocks
For the builder or architect within. Building blocks are made and sold in large packs but there’s a multitude of options. Many daycares will have the traditional models made of wooden. Large, soft foam blocks, though, double as furniture. Large rectangular blocks can act as seats used in group activities or when children just want to sit together.

Daycare furniture suppliers make the foam blocks in a range of colours to keep the item “playful” like the centre they’re going to. They also come in various shapes. It’s common for kids to make forts and houses out of the blocks.

Cubby houses
Kids copy what they see, and cubby houses give them an environment to act it out. Whether it’s an episode of their favourite reality cooking show or cartoon, there’s an option available to suit. Some daycare furniture suppliers can make cubbies to order.

Cubbies get used every day because they so much fun to begin with. The children play house, or firemen or whatever other scenario the cubby allows. When cubbies are occupied, another option is for the children to use the foam blocks to make a house instead.