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The Benefits of Pretend Play and Play Furniture

Toys are ideal preschool equipment for kids. Because toys influence and shape the behaviour of children, parents strive to provide their kids with the best toys available on the market.

Play furniture and play toys are obvious choices for parents as both help develop a positive mindset among children and creates for them an active and lively atmosphere. These are fast becoming virtual cool new gadgets for children. And why not? After all, they bring numerous benefits to the table and allow the children to have some fun oriented study pattern. Here is a list of some such benefits.

Advantages of Pretend Play and Play Furniture for Children

To begin with, there are several plus points that advocate the idea of allowing children to access both pretend play and play furniture. The prominent advantages of the idea include the following:

1. It Boosts the Mental Capacity of Children:

As pre-schoolers, children learn from their experiences and the activities in which they participate. Their senses, coupled with their brain, play a major role in helping them learn things efficiently. Thus, pretend play fits the bill perfectly as a piece of child care furniture. It boosts their brain development thereby promoting their level of efficiency to grasp new things.

2. It Develops Social Skills:

Another major benefit of pretend play is that it develops social skills among children. A “Thank you” while pretending as if they are ordering something at a restaurant teaches them how to be grateful to people in a socially acceptable manner. With more exposure and opportunities to interact with others, they become accustomed to communicating with people in different situations. Switching to different roles make the difference.

3. It Serves as Equipment for Childcare along with Play Furniture:

Because pretend play allows children to act as others or take up multiple roles, it serves as the ideal child care equipment in conjunction with play furniture. It prepares them for the future by stimulating their creativity and confidence towards meeting their career objectives.

4. It Helps Your Child in Responding to Various Situations:

Responding to various situations is of vital importance for children as they grow up into adolescents and then become adults. It is an open secret that the manner in which individuals respond to various situations reflects their strength of character. Pretend play enables children to act out various scenes in different ways with distinct emotions such as joy, sadness, anger, etc.


So, there you go – there are a variety of reasons that vindicate the idea of looking for play furniture among child care supplies and merge it with pretend play. Whether your children remain at home or go to school, it will benefit them in both situations. Provide them with the tools to start and see it for yourself how it pays dividends in the long run.

The Importance of Kids Furniture for Learning and Creativity

Creative minds are the most successful ones. Every parent wants to nurture the seed of creativity in their child’s minds. There are many possible ways to foster creativity and a healthy learning environment today, be it any kind of visual activity, solving puzzles, spacious classroom, flexible childcare furniture or digital learning. A classroom design should be planned to keep in mind all these possible ways. It should not be cluttered, as a cluttered space blocks new thoughts. It should be spacious.

There should be flexible preschool furniture seating for the students so that they feel free to move around. Visual activities should be encouraged as younger people learn visually.

Scroll down to find out the importance of kids’ furniture for learning and creativity.

·     Suitable for Various Tasks:

There are different types of tables and chairs available for preschool furniture suited to the different types of tasks. Round tables can be used for small groups. Kids can sit around these tables if there is any activity or task assigned in groups. There are folding tables which can be used if there are any activities arranged outside the classroom or more space is required for a certain assignment.

·     It Gives Them Independence:

Because of the flexibility offered by childcare furniture, kids feel free to move around. They feel independent. There will be a fun environment in the classroom and learning will be easier. They get engaged with other kids in the classroom and start thinking creatively about any given topic. When they work in a group, brainstorming kind of sessions are created and new ideas come out of their minds.

·     Facilitates Extended Sitting Hours:

The comfortable kindergarten furniture allows kids to sit for long periods of time. They are adjustable and provide good support to prevent any kind of resistance. Students feel happy and relaxed in such kind of seating arrangement and, therefore, get motivated toward learning. Students who are not comfortable while sitting for long hours, will not be able to focus and concentrate on their studies or any activity going on in the classroom.

·     Collaborative Learning:

Flexible daycare furniture facilitates kids to shift to places quickly and easily. They feel free to collaborate and make cordial relations with other kids in the space. It enables them to work in a team, promoting team spirit in their minds. It also encourages kids for active participation, they can be given any problem which is open for all to think and solve.

·     Kids Take Ownership:

Kids feel that they are the owners of the classroom or the space around them which includes flexible chairs and small desks. They are provided with small desks in which they can put their essentials in like books, bags, puzzle toys and more. They feel that space belongs to them and get confident while learning. It boosts their confidence and they get the feeling that they are grown up.


In this article we have explained why Creative classrooms require flexible furniture and the benefits of the combination. Creative classrooms and flexible preschool furniture can be seen in almost every school today.

Classroom Design and How it Influences Behavior

The layout of a classroom plays a very important role in influencing the behaviour of students.  In a traditional row and column setup, children tend to feel uncomfortable, not being able to move freely. This irritation, if persists for a long time, can affect their productivity and learning. Preschool equipment should be chosen wisely as it directly affects the mood and environment of the whole class.

Before finalising child care supplies, a good amount of time and efforts should be put into planning and research. There are a host of options available in the market today. So, it is important to do your homework properly while selecting and deciding the theme of the classroom. A well-managed, clean, and spacious classroom not only boosts the mood of children but also keeps them motivated.

Opting for flexible child care furniture directly impacts the behavior of children:

  • They feel independent as they can move freely and choose where to sit.
  • They are allowed to collaborate with anyone, any group of their likings and preferences.
  • They can feel comfortable and relaxed while learning.

The Idea of a Modern Classroom

A modern classroom should be equipped with new technologies so that even the lecturer feels comfortable while teaching. It also enhances creative thinking and signifies how much you care about your children. A Wi-Fi enabled classroom makes learning easy.

The Layout of a Modern Classroom

Make sure that there is enough space for the children to move freely. The design of child care furniture should allow children to move around. A cluttered classroom not only looks messy but it also hampers creative thinking. If the workspace is clutter-free, your mind will come into work or study mode automatically. It will start thinking about new things, new ideas, and new ways to do a particular task.

Teaching should not be limited to whiteboards only; projectors should be used for flexible learning.

The choice of child care equipment should be made right. It should be flexible. Children should be able to move them around easily whenever there is a discussion going or any activity is on. This type of environment offers them to share any thoughts freely and discuss any doubts with the lecturer. Some examples of portable preschool equipment are stools, cushions, bean bags, blocks, and mats.

Active Learning

A modern classroom equipped with flexible child care supplies and latest technology facilitates active learning. It creates a positive attitude and mindset towards learning new things. According to some studies, the design of a classroom has a positive impact on engagement. Active learning opportunities motivate the lecturer also in dedicating his time and efforts while teaching the students.

Some studies also reported that active learning and student’s engagement increased their grades to a significant amount of level. If there is an engaging atmosphere, even the naughtiest child will try to focus and engage in ongoing activity actively.

So keeping these benefits in mind, plan a layout and design of the classroom to make your children happy!

5 Factors to Consider When Purchasing School Chairs

Thinking about replacing your old daycare furniture? Or planning to purchase preschool furniture for your newly made school? In any case, you need to consider a few things before going ahead with the purchase. Good furniture can make a difference in children’s learning experience. Even the best educators around the world are putting more and more emphasis on selecting the right kind of furniture and creating the best learning environment for students.

Here are the 5 factors that should be considered when purchasing school chairs/furniture:

1. Comfort:
This is one of the major factors that you should keep in mind when you are going to purchase school chairs. Whatever design, brand or size you prefer, it should be comfortable in the first place. You cannot afford to compromise on the comfort of the children. There are plenty of sleek and stylish chairs available on the market to attract you but comfort always comes first. Before making a purchase decision, browse a child care supplies website that specifically designs preschool furniture for Nursery or a Daycare.

2. Preschool Furniture Cost:
Cost is probably the second most important factor to be considered after comfort. Furniture is a substantial investment and therefore you need to spend judiciously. Plan a budget for child care equipment and purchase accordingly. You can determine in advance how many pieces of chairs and tables you need and how much you can spend. Keeping this in mind you can narrow down your options and save yourself from reckless spending. Classroom furniture should be durable and rust resistant. It should withstand the effects of time.

3. Size:
It is very important to invest in right-sized chairs to maintain an organized and clutter-free area. If your preschool furniture size is more than it is required, classroom space might look messy and disorganized. It is advisable to work or study in a clean and clutter-free environment so that children can focus and stay in tune.
Also, the size of the chairs should be selected according to the weight and height of the students, which can generally be categorized as per the age. If you are purchasing chairs for nursery kids, chairs should be small and of different shapes so that they feel happy and energetic.

4. Aesthetic appeal:
Browse through 100s of options that complement the coloration and décor of your school. A pleasing furniture design creates the right vibes and enhances the mood to study. Bright colored chairs like reds and oranges can prove to be a great stimulator for learning.
Generally, people ignore or do not tend to pay a great deal of attention to the color scheme of furniture like in the case of walls or any other interior décor. But the choice of color of chairs can have a significant impact on emotions and the children’s thought process.

5. Mobility and function:
Chairs should be equipped with an additional storage or baskets below it so that they can accommodate school bags, books etc. It will be easy for students to move around in left up space freely, otherwise, they tend to keep their belongings beside the chair or on the floor. Not only does is look cluttered but affects mobility also. It creates a kind of traffic-jam in the classroom.

Aforementioned were a few factors that should be considered while selecting chairs for school. Apart from these, the safety of students in the classroom is also mandatory. The furniture selected should be made from safe, non-toxic materials. Make sure to ask about the safety and material composition from the dealer or retailer. After all, safety is one thing that cannot be overlooked.

Supplies and Furniture Needed For Your Child Care Facility

A school is a child’s second home. When a toddler gets exposed to a learning setup for the first time, it is an overwhelming experience. A kindergarten should be organized to ensure the well-being and overall cognitive development of all children. As caregivers, one would always look for the best possible learning environment for the child. Comfort and child safety are the two most important factors that need to be considered. Pocket-friendly child care supplies can help parents and caregivers set up a desirable and safe learning atmosphere.

How to Choose Child Care Supplies Well?

Child care supplies can be of different types depending on the age group of the children. Broadly these child care equipment supplies can be grouped appropriate for either infants and toddlers.

Infant child care supplies include changing equipment, feeding tables, high chairs, soft rugs etc. Tables for diaper changing and storage solutions for storing diapers are also listed. The space for storing baby food and other infant furniture are an important part of choosing childcare furniture.

Furniture supplies for toddlers include preschool tables, chairs, nap cots, and book displays. This is the age where children tend to explore their surroundings, which is why safety should always come first. Using colourful furniture will also be engaging for a toddler. They should also be strong and sturdy and firmly moored to ensure a safe learning experience for the child.

As parents, choosing a child care centre includes ensuring it is a safe and reliable option for their child. Apart of the process is checking that furniture and surroundings are of high quality. If you have a child care facility it is crucial you source your supplies and furniture appropriately, that’s where Kinder Design can help out.


What Every Mother or Father Needs to Know About Childcare Furniture

Investing in kid’s furniture needs a lot of researching as kids need to have apt furniture for their ease of access. Shifting old furniture into their rooms or buying usual pieces of furniture does not qualify as a good childcare furniture system. Preschool equipment for kids can help them prepare for a desk and chair setting.

Here is a list of the tips that can help new mums & dads prep better for buying childcare equipment:

1. Size of Childcare Furniture:

Little humans cannot reach or make use of the furniture made in a regular size which is why the size of childcare furniture is crucial. Taking dimensions of your kid’s room and buying furniture accordingly that is accessible to him/her is the goal here. For instance, the use of bunk beds in small spaces for a pair of siblings is both accessible and fun.

2. Steer Clear of Edges:

Childcare furniture & equipment simply cannot have rugged and sharp edges. Kids are always frisking and frolicking around and having such compromising pieces of furniture calls for trouble.

3. Style & Design:

When styling a room for a little human, you need to be sure that he can engage himself with décor around him. Use of bright colours and animated characters around the walls can bring out the best in him. Such day-care furniture helps the kids express themselves best.

preschool equipment

4. Sturdiness:

When it comes to childcare furniture the only place you can go wrong is to put them in the vicinity of fragile glass items. These will not only cause you damage but your kids can also get seriously hurt. So stick to plastics and wood made furniture.

Wrap Up:

The bottom line is that don’t toy around with the comfort of your kids as it is of prime relevance. Don’t restrict them with hefty pieces of furniture. Keep the surroundings minimal yet lively. Everything else will fall into perfectly. Now that you have a basic understanding of child care furniture, go shop smart for it.

Your commercial play centre setup guide

Are you a landlord or a franchisee? Commercial play centre setup takes effort and time. If you’re an independent operator looking to start a small business, or a head office opening another centre, our basic guide is great to have handy.

  • The money

Funding has to come from somewhere. Play centre setup isn’t just picking out paint colours and deciding what cubby house to have in the backyard. Centre operators need money for licensing, leasing, and other general overheads. This is tough for independent operators who are just starting out. It helps to make a business plan, including these things:

  • Licensing fees
  • Payroll
  • Taxes
  • Insurance
  • Bills and body corporate fees
  • Finance repayments

To have a grasp of the costs and maintain control, meet with your accountant and hire a bookkeeper. You don’t want the expenses to run high.

  • The atmosphere

Play centre setup includes planning the more ‘cosmetic’ details, like the exterior yards and facade of the building. It takes less than three seconds to make a good or bad first impression. Independent operators will have more freedom with picking out a theme to base their centre around. Franchisees already have a set standard to follow, sent from head office in a welcome/play centre setup package.

Commercial play centres cater to children, but you must impress the parents first. They’ll spread the word about your fun zone, and won’t hold back. Think about the atmosphere you want to provide. Can parents take time to unwind while the kids play? Is there an outdoor area with access to sunlight and decent equipment to play on?

  • The staff

When you hire staff to supervise the children, they’ll need to have certification in first aid at least. It also helps if they’re qualified to work with children. For childrens’ parties, have ‘party hosts’ on contract. For the restaurant area, your staff won’t need childcare qualifications but it’ll be helpful if they have barista training under their belt.

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5 pieces of childcare furniture to buy on a budget

Cheap childcare furniture that doesn’t compromise on quality is hard to find. The market is so saturated it’s hard to choose. Plus, it doesn’t help that you have a Pinterest board full of design ideas, from Scandi-style childcare supplies to cute little roleplay kitchens in different sizes. You can’t have it all, but we made a list of items you can’t go without.


This piece of childcare furniture is the ultimate multi-tasker. You can use it to tidy the rooms so everything’s in its place. But if you take out the plastic bins, the kids can use it as a bag and shoe rack.

Staff can use the storage units as a display cabinet if they need one. It’s easy enough to fill the spaces with awards, pieces of art made in class, or little ‘discoveries’ made by the kids that just have to go on display.


The tables and chairs are some of Kinder Design’s best sellers. The children need a place to sit and learn, draw, or eat their lunch. The larger, rectangular tables are better for space so the kids don’t feel cramped together.


  • Stackable chairs

Stackable chairs are cost effective and easy to put away. It’s simple to stack them up and put them away in the corner when the cleaners come or there’s an event happening.

Another benefit? The chairs are made of PVC plastic, so they’re easy to clean when  accidents happen. The Harry Chair is an ideal example of this. Plus, it comes in three different sizes and five colours!


Little chefs, mechanics, and homemakers are made at kindy. This bit of childcare furniture is a staple and it’s common to see kids fighting over whose turn it is to use it.

Having one or two role play sets keeps the children entertained for hours and makes them practice valuable social skills. They’ll communicate and listen to other’s opinions, learn to share, and work in a group.


Preschool children often bring home ‘masterpieces’ from their art time. It’s a lot easier for them to paint if they have an easel. Kinder Design has easels than can accommodate up to three children, so nobody misses out!

Setting up a daycare that’s STREAM friendly

Setting up a daycare is a challenge, one that many childhood educators have faced. A child care centre is more than a place to drop children off while parents are at work. It’s a place where they learn STREAM and its variants. You’ve heard this acronym and its variants before because it’s essential to early childhood education.



  • Science: Observing changes in the environment, e.g. how water flows and changes, reactions between chemicals.
  • Technology: Whatever is used by children as a medium in their learning is considered technology. This isn’t only computers; it includes books, pens, and other materials.
  • Reading: The everyday skill of reading builds literacy and language in children and it’s essential to early childhood education. Literacy sets them up for life.
  • Engineering: What makes things work? How do they fit together? The simple act of creating structures out of everyday objects is engineering at work.
  • Art: There was controversy and criticism surrounding the addition of this acronym. Adding arts to the curriculum allows children to unleash their creative skills, whether through role play or painting. It encourages children to ‘think creatively’.
  • Mathematics: Counting, sums, and organising are everyday skills adults use effortlessly. Children, though, work their hardest just to count to 100.



It’s a lot to think about when setting up a daycare. Don’t stress about it too much, though. Children are naturally curious and with some encouragement, they’ll use the supplies according to STREAM principles. So what are some essential daycare supplies you’ll need before you open your doors?



  • Building blocks: old classics that have an infinite number of uses. They help with calculations and create structures (like a JENGA tower).
  • Art easels: Children need something that will hold their masterpieces while they paint and sketch.
  • Large foam shapes: Capable of creating an obstacle course or a makeshift house. The kids think critically and creatively to make the shapes fit together into something viable.
  • Books: Stock your caddy with picture and small text books.
  • Role play sets: Children imitate what they see in real life, from TV shows to parents cooking in the kitchen. Role play sets like kitchens, tool benches, and houses encourage creative thinking and group activity.



When you’re setting up a daycare that’s STREAM-friendly, make sure you have materials for your staff as well. TED talks, text books, and printouts to pin on the noticeboards will be helpful when they are planning some activities or just need a refresher.

Quality preschool furniture from us to you

Good preschool furniture companies like Kinder Design strive to bring customers the best product possible. The only interest the less savoury providers have is making more money before the quarter is over. So that our customers get the best, we follow rules and guidelines so that we’re at our best.

The International Standards Organisation (ISO) creates the standards that companies, their products, and even their people need to follow. The organisation has more than 700 representative bodies from over 150 countries. One way to interpret this is quality assurance, worldwide. In the news, you’ve seen what happens when profit is more important than quality control. Buildings crumble, organisations get bad ratings, and there’s horror stories of toxic culture. Worse, toxic products that cause major health concerns flood the market.

To combat this and make sure that standards are upheld industry wide, the ISO created one for ecological measures. ISO 14001 exists, in its own words:

To provide organizations with a framework to protect the environment and respond to changing environmental conditions in balance with socio-economic needs.

(ISO 14001:2015)

More comprehensive information is found in the guide itself, from company and workplace context to measure expectations all the way through to how to contact the ISO for support.

Creating and selling quality products like preschool furniture doesn’t stop at the environment. ISO Guide 9001:

…helps ensure that customers get consistent, good quality products and services, which in turn brings many business benefits.

(ISO 9001:2015)

This set of guidelines is intended to improve the workings of a company internally, from top tier-managers to entry-level workers and trainees. This way the business operates efficiently and provides the best customer service it can. It even gives the business the potential to expand into new markets and organisations. It’s up to the management to figure out how the business can improve, but if they follow the 9001 guide results should follow.

How do these results show themselves? All of the guidelines follow the plan, do, check, act cycle (PDCA). The upper-tier of the business has to be willing to conduct some in-depth company auditing and take risks. After a specified period of time (6 months, one year, etc.) they review performance and look for ways to improve. The cycle then repeats itself.

In the guidelines preview, the disclaimer says the ISO doesn’t exist to increase any business’ legal standing in how it conducts its work or affect its production. ISO 14001 is in place to give planet-conscious companies a guide to improve their practices and product. ISO 9001 makes those who follow it take a good look at themselves, how they conduct business and if they truly are giving the best to their customers. This can be anything from preschool furniture to responding to customer enquries.