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Signs of a Great Child Care Centre

If parents could have their way, they would be with their children day and night. But in the real world, that is not possible, and parents need to go to work. This makes it necessary for the child to be kept in a good child care facility. There are so many choices that all parents are faced with, and most such centres promise great safety, the best child care supplies, and many amenities to keep the child’s stay comfortable.

But there are a few things that a parent needs to look for in a good child care facility. Here are some of them:

Dependable Equipment

As soon as a toddler begins to go to preschool, he or she gets the company of other children and discovers the joys of running and jumping around. This heightens the risk of children falling down or banging against furniture and hurting themselves. That is why the childcare centre you choose must have safe childcare furniture.

Adequate Child Care Supplies

When a child spends several hours in a child care centre, the centre must have enough high-quality preschool equipment to ensure that the child’s day passes by without incident. The equipment and supplies must be of the highest quality and also safe for toddlers and pre-schoolers.

Reviews and Feedback

Whether it is the quality of child care supplies or the safety of daycare furniture, every child care centre speaks really highly about itself. But the useful feedback would be obtained from parents whose children have gone to or are still going to that daycare centre.


The perfect child care supplies are a sure sign of the quality of a child care centre. Additionally, you need to take candid feedback from parents and check for yourself whether the furniture and equipment are safe.

5 Things Parents and Staff Love & Hate About Child Care

Child care is a rewarding sector for those who work in it, but it definitely comes with its own set of challenges.


  • Short opening hours

This is a common gripe among parents who work long hours. But child care workers have lives too!

It’s important for parents to do their homework. Child care centres don’t make exceptions based on one family’s needs. Their opening hours are part of a business model that works for a particular demographic. Smaller day care centres might be open earlier and later to give parents enough time to do the drop-off and pick-up while they’re working full-time. Larger franchises with a corporate head office might not have the same flexibility.


  • Sub-par equipment

Child care furniture is an essential that some providers don’t see as a necessary expense. But in the end they’ll spend more money fixing and replacing the cheap versions.

Child care equipment should be built to last. Kids are rough when they play and anything less than tough is going to break quickly. Good equipment needs to be checked against a battery of safety standards before it gets shipped out of the warehouse. This includes testing the tensile strength and washing away chemicals from the manufacturing process.


  • Lack of manners

This pet peeve comes from the carers. Sick children is a big one. Child care is ‘ground zero’ for flu season. Though staff do their best to make sure their charges are healthy, it doesn’t take long before the cold spreads. This all starts with parents, knowing their child is sick and dropping them off anyway because they ‘can’t afford’ to skip work.

Another one is being late for the pick-up, and that leads to our next point…


  • Underappreciation

Child care workers are underpaid but love their jobs. So a sincere thank-you at the end of the day is much appreciated. Parents forget that in between tending to a dozen children, staff are constantly cleaning, organising child care furniture after some messy fun, and organising excursions.


  • Watching kids grow

Children’s development has been the object of fascination of science for years. But on a more basic level, child care workers love it just as much because they’re making important contributions. Helping children read books, watching them make a castle out of loose parts and playing make believe are all precious moments they relish.


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