Setting up a daycare | Community fun days

After your day care centre opens you’ll quickly find it at the centre of a community. Children and parents make new friends at daycare and it’s fun to bring everyone together for a few days of the year. When you’re setting up a daycare make sure you add a few unique and ‘essential’ celebration days to the calendar.


Dress-up days

Children are creative and like to imitate the characters they see on the television or in books. They might do regular roleplay as these characters with their friends. But having dedicated dress-up days gives kids a chance to dress up and have lots more fun. Parents might even splurge on a costume.

You might see a few Dora’s on day

Family Day

When you’re setting up a daycare calendar, be mindful that every family is different. Children’s parent’s might be separated. There’s also children who are raised by other family members like grandparents, or aunts and uncles.

Family Day is an opportunity to have family members participate in the activities of the centre. Parents and guardians get to see what the staff do with their children on a regular basis, whether it’s painting or reading. It also gives the kids a chance to bond with their guardian in a different setting.


Open Day

These days are opportunities to advertise your business. Open Days are a chance  to showcase your daycare and encourage parents to enrol their child.

In the lead-up to an Open Day it’s important to make the daycare centre look its best. Have professional cleaners come in and give it a spruce up. Staff meetings are essential to make sure everyone’s on the same page for activities and how to answer parents questions.


Community Fete

Once your daycare centre is more established,  you’ll no doubt quickly become a pillar of the local community. If your grounds are big enough, host a community fete for local businesses. It requires a lot of coordination, but using your facility as a venue will boost your business and support others.

Fete days are opprtunities for your daycare and local businesses to build trust

Designating days like this when you’re setting up a daycare will give everyone an opportunity to break away from normal routine and have some fun. It takes lots of effort and coordination but there’s benefits for you, the children and their families, and the wider community.


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