Preschool equipment you can have at home

Preschool equipment isn’t just for the day care centre. Savvy parents source small furniture for their house. Even cafe’s have ‘pint sized’ furniture, where their smaller customers can sip babychino’s.

Daycare centres and the like buy preschool equipment that’s exclusively for their use. Outlets like Kinder Design build child care furniture that’s functional and durable to last several years. The pieces are colourful and built for purpose, so the little ones use them with relative ease.

You can buy items for the home to keep your little one entertained. Children are creative and curious by nature and it’s good to have preschool equipment, or preschool-sized toys, around that keeps their minds occupied. For their inner artist having a standing blackboard (easel) is a great outlet. A blackboard easel plus a chalk set equals a relatively mess-free play time.

Cubby houses and roleplay sets are another piece of preschool equipment that parents and guardians will value. You might even want to join in during play-time! Kids will imitate what they see in real-life. Having a role play set, like a barbecue or a tool bench, encourages children to use the ‘tools’ effectively. One day with the play set, the next day they’re in the kitchen!

Building blocks are old faithfuls in both play and education. As toddlers, children learn about feel, shapes and how to name them. When they grow older, they look at the world around them more ‘scientifically’. Children and their friends will share ideas, learn how to fit the blocks together and use the correct vocabulary to describe them.

Centres specially order the preschool equipment from Kinder Design. At home, you can create a familiar, constructive environment for your child. Chalk and easels don’t make a lot of mess and gives kids the chance to can create some masterpieces. With building blocks, they’ll expand both their vocabulary and learn about construction. Role play sets allows them to become the MasterChef they see in television, or in their own kitchen. Your child will help you make dinner before you know it.