play centre equipment

Play centre equipment and amenities you can’t go without

Play centre, kids zone, fun zone, etc; kids indoor play centres go by lots of different names and you’ll find them dotted all around Australia. These places are decked out with play centre equipment and services that give parents a break and provide children with hours of entertainment. We list the play centre equipment and amenities you need to cater to both children and their parents.


For the kids, you’re appealing to their desire for fun and the need to play with the newest toys. When you’re shopping around for play centre equipment, look for role play sets and some cubby houses. Children love to play house, and role play encourages them to socialise with new kids. They can make a new friend in five seconds over a tea party!


On the more practical side, make sure you have essential play centre equipment like tables and chairs. Parents book fun zones for birthday parties and you must have one or several spaces for the children to sit in groups. You’ll also need shelves and other storage units for the kids to put their bags and presents.


Parents also need a place to relax, preferably where they can watch their children at the same time. Offering an on-site cafe with a view of the play area kills two birds with one stone. Besides pint-sized play centre equipment, you’ll need regular sized furniture. Make room for a kitchen/coffee bar as well. Little touches also matter, and it’ll give parents a chance to decompress. Something simple, like copies of the latest magazine releases and newspapers, is a great addition to a cup of coffee.


Parents need some TLC, too


Bathrooms are one of the most important amenities in a play centre, so don’t treat them as an afterthought. Play centres cater to toddlers and babies. Make sure there’s change tables and a nursing room available for younger ones. These areas help parents immensely during change or feeding time.


When you’re setting up a commercial space, the quality of your play centre equipment and amenities is what’ll make you stand out from the rest. Parents rate fun zones based on what they provide and their reviews make or break businesses. Don’t scrimp on the small stuff!

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