kindergarten furniture

The secret of using kindergarten furniture to teach important lessons

Kindergarten furniture is hardy and lasts a long time. It’s sat in the centre as hundreds of kids have passed through the doors over the years. Students (and sometimes parents) have sat on the chairs, built towers out of the building blocks, and painted masterpieces on the easels. And, intentionally or not, teachers have used it to impart other lessons.


Be clean and tidy

It’s important that kids understand the concept of manners at an early age. Parents often pick up after them at home, and teachers do the same at kindergarten. Sometimes, though, the children are instructed to do little things. This includes tucking in your chair and putting an item back where you found it. It obviously works, otherwise we wouldn’t do these things unconsciously as adults today.  


Respect the property of others

At home, kids play roughly with toys because they’re  theirs. Kindergarten furniture, on the other hand, isn’t. Both teachers and parents teach their children to respect other’s property. It ends with a lot of tears, anger, and tantrums if something breaks.

Kindergarten furniture is hardy by design, so it can withstand rough treatment. Children play rough because sometimes they don’t know any better.


Don’t disrespect others

Kids are quite blunt when voicing their displeasure to other kids. It’s common to hear “you’re not my friend” and other lines like that in play areas. Withholding access to toys, time to play with the cubby houses, or exclusion from group activities are forms of bullying. Teachers step in when this happens, but from the beginning of kindergarten this behaviour is strongly discouraged.

Kindergarten furniture is hardy and can withstand a good decade of use, but teachers and parents teach their children not to use it roughly. They tell the kids to respect property that’s not theirs. Children sometimes bar other kids from using toys as a form of bullying, but thanks to eagle-eyed carers, this gets taken care of discreetly.