Essentials for setting up a preschool | Equipment edition

In one of our previous articles, we wrote about some of the essentials that went with setting up a daycare. This included finding a property, buying insurance and setting up promotions to let people know you exist. Here we’re going to tell you some of the essential preschool furniture and other equipment needed to run the centre effectively.


For the adults


  • Couches

You’re running a preschool but preschool furniture in the office isn’t recommended. If you have a waiting area for interviews it’s ideal to have one or two love seats. That way parents can sit in comfort.

  • Coffee tables and desks

For the waiting room and the offices it’s a must. When you’re looking for a space for setting up a preschool, favour a building with office space where you can work comfortably and host parents. Part of that comfort is including desks for computers and coffee tables in the waiting area. Place a few magazines and childcare books on top and you’re set!

  • Floor-to-ceiling shelves

It’s good to have this in the lobby and waiting area as a display case. You can use it to show off awards and some art pieces as a personal touch.

  • An equipped kitchen

Parents will bring in lunches and snacks for their kids that will need to be put in the fridge and heated up later. A fully-equipped kitchen with a large fridge, microwave, utensils and more will benefit the whole centre. It’s also a place that can double as a break room for staff to eat their lunch.

Have a kitchen ready for those baking activities

For the children


  • Large soft foam shapes

When the cubby house is taken, make one! When you’re setting up a preschool, don’t pass up the soft foam shapes. They’re surprisingly lightweight and safe for the kids to use.

  • Paints

Arts and crafts basics like acrylic paint, sequins, pencils, feathers, and other sorts of bric-a-brac are vital. Acrylic paint is easier to clean when the children get messy.

  • Cubbies of all kinds

Role play is part of a child’s daily life, facilitated by a cubby house. But there’s also cubby holes for storage.

  • Various seating solutions

When setting up a preschool you’ll need plenty of tables and chairs. But don’t forget to pick up some child-sized couches and beds for nap time. Flat foam shapes can also double as  beds or  chairs.

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