Choosing Appropriate Chair and Table Sizes for Students

Child care furniture is definitely an important element when deciding a kids’ classroom. However, picking the right size chair and table can be misleading. We know how children need their comfort and space to meet their needs. Therefore, having the perfect size chair and table will definitely keep children comfortable and more likely to concentrate and stay focused.

On similar grounds, we have researched and accumulated some simple yet effective tips to help you choose the perfect childcare furniture.

1. Feet to Floor:

The market for kindergarten furniture is thriving with a plethora of options. You have your plastic chairs, wooden chairs, oak finish, coloured chairs and what not. As a priority, you should always keep comfort, followed by safety, sturdiness, and durability in mind. A rule of thumb that will always come handy is to buy a chair that allows the child’s feet to touch the floor.

2. The Space Rule:

People who are newbies in the kindergarten furniture department should know that there is a general rule which applies to the placement of chairs and tables. For kids in early care, a chair must be placed in connection to the table such that there is a 7-8 inches difference between the two. The gap allows leg room for students and prevents any injuries. It also gives children the comfort to rest their elbows on the tables.

3. Three Factors:

This is a short mention of the three factors which determine the perfect table size for the children. Take into consideration the height of the table, chair seat and the age of the children to ascertain the right table size.

4. Alternative Seating Options:

With kindergarten furniture, a few exceptions have to be made. There are some kids who have problems other than physical disabilities. For instance, students with concentration and learning disabilities require alternative seating options.


No matter how many guidelines you read or how many preparations you do, something will always occur when you are unguarded. You can’t expect every kid to be absolutely comfortable in the classroom you’ve built filled with most secure Childcare furniture. So don’t get disheartened if things go haywire. Eventually, kids come around.