Setting up a preschool | Maintenance

You put a lot of work into setting up your preschool business. And you need to put in more effort ...
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Setting up a daycare | Community fun days

After your day care centre opens you’ll quickly find it at the centre of a community. Children and parents make ...
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Harness creativity with these childcare activity ideas | Around the web

Children are full of energy and curiosity so it’s best to find some way (or many) to keep them entertained ...
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Essentials for setting up a preschool | Equipment edition

In one of our previous articles, we wrote about some of the essentials that went with setting up a daycare ...
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setting up a playgroup

What goes into setting up a playgroup

Setting up a playgroup sets up a whole new community for both parents and their children. Playgroups are similar to ...
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play centre equipment

Play centre equipment and amenities you can’t go without

Play centre, kids zone, fun zone, etc; kids indoor play centres go by lots of different names and you’ll find ...
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play centre setup

Your commercial play centre setup guide

Are you a landlord or a franchisee? Commercial play centre setup takes effort and time. If you’re an independent operator ...
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childcare furniture

5 pieces of childcare furniture to buy on a budget

Cheap childcare furniture that doesn’t compromise on quality is hard to find. The market is so saturated it’s hard to ...
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setting up a preschool

The essential list for setting up a preschool

Thinking about setting up a preschool? Well, congratulations on your new business venture! Starting a new business is an exciting ...
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setting up a daycare

Setting up a daycare that’s STREAM friendly

Setting up a daycare is a challenge, one that many childhood educators have faced. A child care centre is more ...
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