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The Best Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Setting Up A Day Care

There’s so much advice saturating the internet about setting up a daycare. We’ve written a few ourselves. But we condensed some of the important stuff and put it here.


Invest in YOU first

How can you run an amazing day care if you don’t know where to start? Education is key to opening doors and getting people to take you seriously in your field. Parents and the like want to see credentials before handing over their children.

Before setting up a day care in the real world, get started on setting yourself up for success. Attend conferences and seminars. Get your qualifications in order (CPR, child care certificates) and do the background checks. These are important hurdles you must clear before starting your business properly.


Find your niche

Unless you’re a franchise, day care centres are unique. Let’s look at the types:

Vacation care: set up during school holidays

Family day care: a childcare provider based in your own home

Outside hours care: a centre that cares for children before and after school when parents are working

Occasional care: flexible care where parents can meet work or other commitments

It’s important to look at the competitors and the demographics of the area where you want to start your business. The childcare market is saturated with providers, both good and sub-par. Decide on what gap you can fill and work on establishing your business identity.


Have community events

Day care centres are often hubs of the community. They host events like fetes and actively participate in nearby events.

Day cares are very much about the concept of family. Establishing days where parents, grandparents and other relatives can visit often goes down very well. Plus it helps with spreading the word about the good job your business is doing…


Be professional

Adults who work in child care and education often get attached to their charges. This is why it’s important to professionally distance yourself. Children grow up; they come and go.

It’s also important to keep in mind that whatever happens in day care should stay there. There’s a level of confidentiality that must be enforced among staff. Children get comfortable at day care and will reveal what’s happening at home; even if it’s terrible. Expect innocent admissions of terrible situations e.g. domestic violence.


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