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4 things your competition can teach you about setting up a day care

Childcare is a competitive market and you must scope out the competition so you can enter the field with a chance. We’ve picked out some of the crucial items you need to place on your checklist, ASAP.


Schedule of fees

Decide how you will charge for services. Will it be weekly, monthly or per quarter? It’s common to charge a daily rate. How you set up the fees schedule also depends on the model of your day care.

Look at day care centres in your target niche. What are the inclusions you see in common? Some centre’s fees cover food, nappies, excursions and more.


Theme/mission statement

Forbes says a good mission statement includes the following;

  • What you do
  • How you do it
  • Who are you doing you do it for
  • What value you bring

Mission statements can be found in hospitals, schools, businesses and large corporate entities. What value does your competition’s business bring to the families they care for? And can you do something similar?

Why are you setting up a day care? People in this field are genuinely passionate about education and providing a safe place for children to learn and play. Your job, when creating a mission statement, is to tell parents why you’re unique, and what values you aim to impart to the kids.



Daycare equipment must be durable, non-toxic and above all, functional. Kinder’s equipment ticks all of those boxes with the added bonuses of colour and character.

Look at what your competitors have in their centres and how the daycare equipment is organized. There’s spaces for constructive play, quiet time and even sleeping. You can buy equipment from Kinder as a packaged deal, customised to your needs.



Parents go to the franchised centres because they have reputations based on trust. Word-of-mouth is the best advertising feature, but you don’t have this advantage yet.

Parents and people in general do a lot of searches online. Put your day care in directories and set up your Google My Business profile as soon as you can. This way you’ll appear in the map when someone does a local search. My Child and Care for Kids are two such directories where you can make a listing.


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